Ferdowsi Persian School in Munich, Germany

3 سال قبل در germany ، 80807
    خیابانFreiligrath str.71
    کد پستی80807
    شماره همراه با کد کشور00491783797535
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Ferdowsi School
With the emigration of a number of Iranians abroad and after overcoming the not so simple difficulties of this migration, the bigger challenge was to preserve the cultural and national values ​​of ancient Iran.
٢٦ Last year, a group of culture-loving Iranians in Munich, by founding Ferdowsi Primary School, tried to ensure that the memory of our ancestors and culture is not forgotten and that our children can speak, write, read, hear and think in this language outside of Iran.
On behalf of the management and parents of Ferdowsi Elementary School, we thank the experienced teachers in this elementary school who work hard for the children of Iran without any financial expectation and wish them success in this way.
The principal of Shirindokht Naraqi primary school

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