Register and register an ad
first stage :
If you have not yet registered, click on the green option to log in to your account and click on the word registration. Enter your username and email. Then an email will be sent to you that contains your username and password. The link you click on will enter the site login page. After logging in, you can log in to your profile and change your password.

second stage :
Click on the red option to send free ads and select one of the desired options from the categories selection category.

third level :
According to the selected category, a list of necessary information for registering the advertisement will be placed in front of you, and by filling them in, you can proceed to register your advertisement. Pay attention to the starred parts, these parts must be marked or written with titles and values ​​for them, otherwise your ad will not go to the next step.
Step 4:
How to put a photo and how to put a photo in
“With the app.”

According to experience, ads that are always published with an image have more visitors than non-image ads; Therefore, we suggest that you use the photo to make your ad more efficient.
Make sure you always use real and relevant images of your product for your ad. By doing so, the buyer will have more confidence in the seller and a better deal.
Step 5:
Things to remove from your ad:
1. Using the company’s logo or logo (except for the job bank category).
2. Very small and low quality images.
3. Unrealistic and irrelevant images.
4. Change the content of the image with the current conditions in the countries registering the ad.
5. Use a tool to insert images of people in the ad.
6. Write promotional phrases or items such as auctions, loans, latest samples, etc.
7. In the published image, there should be more text and explanations so that the image or ID of virtual networks, e-mail or website is written.
If none of the above applies to the images you are considering. But when registering an ad, it has been deleted. Photo your ad with the title of the ad and the email with which you registered the ad. By completing the form, send it to the support team of “Hamrah App” so that we can put the image on your ad after reviewing it again.

Registration of special advertisements is a new possibility that has been provided to you for the first time on the international website “Hamrah-e-App”, dear users. Linguists around the world. This is a special section for businesses that want to introduce themselves to the global market in the shortest possible time and with the most traffic.

Register an advertisement in the job bank

With App ٬ The first digital bank of international jobs and needs for Persian speakers around the world

Many manufacturers inside and outside Iran always try to introduce and present their products to other countries by spending a lot of money on advertising and long time. But in most cases, the desired result is not obtained. Or a very small percentage of people see such ads. Due to the ever-increasing advancement of technology, the management team of Hamrah App has designed and developed a website and an application that all loved ones and friends around the world have a job or profession. . (Doctors, lawyers, service agencies, restaurants, etc.) or you have factories and manufacturing companies. In this bank, jobs that have been provided to Iranians and Persian speakers in the world as a complete set for the first time can be registered at a very low cost, and you can be seen at the global and international level, and you can see how they work completely along with job descriptions. And explain the photo in your personal profile and let other consumers know.

Currently, all subgroups are free to use.

According to the information provided on the Hamrah App website about the non-payment of cash and non-cash to marketers. Therefore, Hamrah-e-App has no responsibility for paying the applicants for registration in the Bank of Jobs to the marketers in order to prevent the misuse of false marketers, and all the responsibility lies with the payer of cash or non-cash.

Follow-up contact number and support


Thank you for your cooperation

What are the conditions for registering an ad in “Hamrah App”?

In some cases, “Hamrah-e-App” may change the text or title of your advertisement in detail in accordance with the laws in force in Iran and abroad. Also, Hamrah App is allowed to delete any message, advertisement or photo that you send to this site or any other user account and information that is related to you or created by you at any time and in any way it deems necessary. .

If the competent legal authorities in Iran or outside Iran have issued an order to remove the advertisement, “Hamrah-e-App” will immediately proceed to remove the advertisement. Also, if the user reports a violation of the ad for more than 5 ads, Hamrah App may delete the ad at its own discretion. Not available to the user.

Advertisers confirm by submitting their ads (with the app) that their ads will not include the following and will be over 18 years old.
Contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the current country of residence of the sender of the advertisement (for people living outside of Iran).
Lack of harassment or abuse of privacy.
Image-free advertisements in the areas where the buyer must be aware of the authenticity of the advertisement and see the image of “real estate”, “car” and ….
Use phrases or words such as: sale below price, special, rand, free, cheap, buyer below price, exceptional, phone, auction and the like.
Any insult to the official religions of the country of residence of the sender of the advertisement (in Iran or outside of Iran), customs, traditions, ethnicities, dialects and dialects.
Use tools to display images of people in advertisements, or use children’s photos to introduce products and services that are not aimed at children.
Any kind of political, social or religious advertisements and rumors that do not have a commercial aspect.
Ads related to antenna installation, satellite or internet setup, VPN, filtering programs and methods (especially for people living in Iran or in countries where these rules apply).
Penetration tools or training, sabotage, locking, hacking and cracking.
Sale of software programs or books that do not have a legal license for publication and other contradictory cases (copyright law for authors, authors and artists).
Any rental or sale of a film or music that has copyright law or involves obscene scenes.
Similar pyramid schemes and illegal economic activities (especially in Iran and the countries where these laws apply).
Buy and sell any lottery and lottery cards.
Failure to sell firearms that cause violence and disrupt the public order of the person sending the ad.
Drugs and services related to drugs, smoking or drug addiction.
Sale of alcoholic beverages (especially in Iran or countries that comply with this law).
Sale of metal detectors, treasure hunters, unauthorized drilling or related equipment.
Services related to marriage, dating, concubinage and marriage (especially in Iran and the countries where these laws apply).
Buy and sell organs, such as: ‌ kidneys, heart, etc.
Service offices and companies that do not have the relevant licenses to operate.
Selling invoices and pre-invoices for loans, eliminating the employer’s insurance share and the like.
Any services related to Green Card or residence in countries and travel and obtaining a visa to countries where there is a legal ban on entering them.
Buy and sell Hajj Umrah and Tamta.
Insert price in ad title.
Request cash or advance payments for remote transactions.
Insert account number in ad text.
Services and goods suspected of fraud.
Introducing a site, product or service that intends to compete with (mobile app) in any way.
Buying and selling food, fortifications and sports supplements that do not have a license from the Health and Standards Department.
Insert ads for training courses without giving enough information about the instructor.
Advertising of non-negotiable cars for sale in Iran and the countries where these laws apply.
Repeat an ad in a row that has not been downloaded for more than 24 hours.
Make a non-profit online appointment.
Titles that are misspelled and misspelled or contain unconventional words and vulgar words.
Advertisements for the sale of SIM cards, the number of which is not included in the title of the advertisement.
Any reference to social networks such as Telegram or Instagram in the description section except in the service category.
Any misuse of the mobile phone number or e-mail address of others is prosecuted and the advertiser is considered responsible and (along with the app) has no responsibility in this regard.

critics and suggestions
If you have suggestions for improving the features of “Hamrah App” or adding new or critical features and options of how this application works, you can submit your ideas, suggestions and criticisms via the form at the bottom of the page or the support phone call in the option At the bottom of the page is the support link, let us know. Your content will be referred to the technical team and, if approved, will be considered by the technical and executive teams for implementation in future versions.
Support phone: 004915734641456

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