How to calculate the salary in Germany and tax classifieds

Germany is one of the countries that bring the most tax out of its people, and it offers a lot of possibilities to the people.

We are here to explain how to find out what rights are for you by example. Every person in Germany has a gross received salary (Brutto) and a net receipt (Netto).

All people living in Germany have a tax code (Steuernumer), which is calculated by their rights.

For example, we consider a person who is 2000 euros per month:


Type of tax classifieds Gross Salary 2000 EUR
Tax Classifieds 1-for singles and without children Incoming NET 1406.70 euro
Tax Classifieds 2-for single maple with Kid  Incoming NET 1449.69 euro
Tax Classifieds 3-Metalin  Incoming NET 1596.00 euro
Tax Classifieds 4-متاهلینی that have almost identical rights  Incoming NET 1406.70 euro
Tax Classifieds 5-The second person is متاهلینی and has lower salary than the first person.  Incoming NET 1176.97 euro
Tax Classifieds 6-For those who have 2 or more jobs.  Incoming NET 1145.49 euro



These are the special figures of those who do not have a child and do not pay the tax to the Church (Kirchensteuer).


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