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Registration method for the Master card gold

At first click on the link below:

Then fill in the form below to complete the requested specification and click the Ja Ich option and go to the next step.


In the next step, the specifications are required, such as:

Complete the amount of income-duration of employment-password-accommodation and marital status.

In the section where you have written a credit card also available, you can choose one or tick a lack of credit card.

In the part that Zahlungsschutz if you tick, it is for a time when you work and get unemployed, and the installments of the might you have taken will pay the insurance, which of course has its own condition that you can check the advice for this insurance and the consultants will contact you and the questions You will answer (of course this option is optional).

Important NOTE: 

People who are also required to apply under the job Center (Job centre) can only choose to select the Sonstiges option in the job area.


In the last part of the tick, click on the option below Jetzt Senden.

After this step, your profile will be shown to you at the same time that you can save a PDF file as well.

After a few days you will be emailed or received a letter where your information is decided to be given to you or your request is denied. Which usually starts with 100 or 500 euro credit, if you have a proper work and income, or 1000 or 2000 euros, and a letter will be sent to you, in which it is explained that you would receive this amount of time and a master card number is sent to you if Your confirmation and signing it by you and posting it to the address that has been written to you after a few days of pin code is sent to you and your card will be activated if your account after some time your credit would be increased, so that your initial amount of credit is not negligible though.


Very important point: 

If the letter is sent to you with a card and you have not signed it within the requested time and do not send this credit you will be lost and you are not entitled to credit with this profile.


Please leave your comments, suggestions and questions in the registration section for us, or if you have experience in this field and write it with others in order to help others enjoy your experiences as well.

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