Ways to find work in Germany

In the large industrial and economic countries of the world, factories, workshops, shops and shops are looking for the workforce. But how can we enter the job market? Will it happen only by asking for work or do we have any chance?

The first step for German residents:

There are a lot of people who can go under the job Center after the residence permit, and receive the cost of living and renting home. Also, the cost of the language class will be paid to them as long as they can understand the basic German concepts and speak usually up to level B1. After It is also paid to B1 + and B2 and C1 levels, of course, all depends on your پیشرت in language classes and your need to learn more for jobs.

There are many jobs that B1's language level is sufficient for them, but for professions that are more likely to work with people in society or need expertise in the field of work, more advanced language levels are recommended that you will be granted at the jobcentre at your respective discretion.

People with a university degree or vocational qualification are:

Diploma in Germany is of great importance, then the holders of an academic degree that does not have a high diploma degree in Germany, but can be translated and matched some courses.

Important NOTE:

As long as you are under the jobcentre, try to have all the documents that you have delivered to the jobcentre for free, of course, in case of principle. Even for the university courses you need to match that almost 200 euros costs that the jobcentre will pay the fee. Will.

After doing these, you will be notified of the category in which you have graduated or you are interested in an empirical or you have learned to be responsible for the relevant authority, and you are looking for a job, and if you are agreeing to the cost of learning, then you are paid. It's better that your favorite Wii As otherwise, depending on the market requirement, each job may be offered to you, which you can not do so easily.

Apprenticeships or Ausbildung:

In Germany, those who do not have a university diploma or have a special specialty are served can use Ausbildung internship courses. There are no specific age conditions of course for certain occupations of age. These courses vary from 3 months to 3 years. It is much better if you are interested in a string yourself Ask directly the halls or institutions and find your field. In 90% of the jobcentre cases, the cost of the courses is considered.

There are many sites that help you to find a job. A number of these sites will be named below. One of the most important organisations in this case is the Chance Plus Institute.

Residents outside Germany:

Many types who live in Iran and are always looking to immigrate to Germany through work. We try to guide these people here.

1. At first, it is better that people have a minimum degree of B1 (whether a degree of B2 or C1) will multiply their chances.

2. Translate your diploma, academic qualifications or any evidence in any field that you have in German.

3-The English language is in writing to read and speak.

4-complete, concise and useful resume.

5. Be sure to include a personal photo with a smile. Carefully follow these examples:


6-Have a phone number and an email for the job that is always available.

7-Try to complete all the fields requested from you, in order to make the registration time. Also, complete the exact position of your life.

(You can leave a message if you need to fill out the forms in WhatsApp. 004915734641456)

8-regularly check the mails and read the suggestions that you get carefully.

9-It may be a little bit of time, so you have to wait in this way and do not rush. Many people who are in Germany may also wait to find work for several months after you are not no exception.

A few sites to find jobs:








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