Car Buying ways

Usually, very few car buyers have enough information about buying their favorite cars, most of those who were new and willing to buy a car have not had enough information about buying cars, and they are often confused in buying cars.

We're here to explain a few tips about buying a car briefly.

1-Buying a car

1-First of all car purchases in Europe is much different than Iran and you can buy cars more easily in Europe.

2-Purchase Installment Finanzierung

 In Europe, you can purchase a valid residence of up to 48 months in order to pay the car as a credit, which, according to the total price of your car, pays a fee as a payment and the rest is paid in installments. Finally, the amount as the final installment in Germany is said to Schluss Raten It is all that you can pay for everyone, or be given the same amount again. For example, if the car price is 17500 euro, you will pay 5000 EUR and monthly 100 euro installment for 24 months, and your 24th installment with its profit is 11900 euro if you can't get the sum after 24 months You will be paid again for your installment.



Another condition is the purchase of leasing mode. A beautiful, similar to the credit mode, with the difference that you will need to bring the car to the company under any circumstance and you will not be able to sell the vehicle or make a installment. It is more for people who want every 3-4 years of new car and To be a ride, or for companies that have a transport and freight work and want to avoid the machine's friction and not paying a high amount at the beginning, the machine is contracted by leasing.

4. The disadvantages and disadvantages of machines less than 3000 euros or more than 10 years of operation 

The most used machines that have a life of 10 years passes more to the pain that they want to only work on the pizza of their own, short-ranging urban routes, traffic from home to workplace, or those who are new and want to learn to drive.

The price of these cars is usually from 500 euro to 3000 euro. Most have many kilometers, usually above 100 thousand kilometers of operation. It is true that all of these cars must have a technical or TÜV examination, but there are many ways to get a technical examination that is not always going to Having a two tab trusted by the technical examination.

The problems that most of these machines are that after 5-6 months of buying your car with the problem of battery replacement, switching brake pads and clutch, exhaust decay, gas cooler, burning heater element and so on. It might even be that the motor is having trouble.

The consumption of gasoline or diesel is also high in these cars, all of which are charged, and when selling the car, the costs are not taken into account and the price of the car will be slightly reduced during this time that all of these issues can make you a lot of money for the old car.


5-How to look carefully when buying:

  • First see that the machine is sold a few times, or the famous promise of Multim.
  • Be sure that the timing belt Zahnriemen when changed.
  • Whether the machine has a technical examination manual is Check heft.
  • Under the machine does not have decay.
  • As far as possible from the تعمیرگاهها and car repair yards nobody bought one unless you are in luck or know the person.
  • Try to buy a car from the board.
  • The seller will be sure to guarantee the car for up to one year.
  • Be sure to choir the car at least 5 kilometers at a time before you buy.
  • Before you buy a dealer to coordinate the car to a representation like ADAC, ATU, TÜV show. Usually between 100 to 150 euros will be taken, but you will receive all the problems of the machine as a computer.
  • Carefully check the oil replacement tab.
  • Usually you do not have time in the night and visit the car in daylight.
  • Compare the car prices with similar machines in the following sites before you buy.
  • Don't rush in any title when buying.
  • If you are a person who would like to buy a car for home consumption, do not purchase from cities that are spaced away from your location, so if you have a problem, then you can easily take the car to where you bought it.


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