Bedingungen und wie man eine deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft und einen deutschen Pass beantragt

Always having the right of citizenship and German passport for many other nationalities is something like a wish. There are always many rumors in this respect and each person offers a different comment on how to apply.

Along with the app, we plan to explain the conditions for getting German pass for you:


This content is generally translated and based on the website. You may have to ask these rules for some minor changes in some states and cities in your area. So it is advisable to question your location from the administration of Ausländer Behörde or Rathaus of your residence.

You can also ask for a question about the terms of application:

Der Ausländerbehörde Ihrer Stadt oder Gemeinde
(Den Jugendmigrationsdiensten (JMD
(Der Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer (MBE
Der Stadt-oder Kreisverwaltung

1-Terms of age:

All persons over 16 years of age can apply if they have conditions. Children under 16 should be asked by parents.


2-Residency Type:

Holders of permanent residence permit Unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis

Holders of temporary residence permit Befristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis

Blue Card holders Blau Karte EU


3-German citizenship testing:

Accept the exam in citizenship or naturalization testing German Einbürgerungstest (download the questions at the bottom link)

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4-duration of stay: 

The applicant must have been legally living in Germany for eight years.

This time for refugees is calculated from the time of application for asylum.


If the applicant has passed the language class of Integrationskurs and has an acceptable degree of B1, this period will be reduced to seven years.
If the applicant has spent a language class of Integrationskurs to B2 level, it will be reduced to six years.

If the applicant has passed the language class of Integrationskurs to C1 level, it will decrease to five years.

5-Financial Power: 

The applicant must be able to provide the cost of living and his/her family without the reliance on government assistance.

These government donations can be Sozialhilfe or Arbeitslosengeld II.

Note: In other cases, the applicant can be excluded from this law.

-1: If the applicant is unemployed, if it is not the culprit and is to be Arbeit Sucher and is looking for work can also open the application of citizenship.

-2: When a person has to take care of their baby and why you need government assistance, you can apply for German citizenship.

-3: Students, students and interns of Avarsbidong Ausbildung

-4: Receiving tuition or housing allowance or receiving unemployment insurance Arbeitslosengeld 1 does not affect the process.

-5: Pay 60 month Rente Versicherung



7-to recognize the German constitution

In simple words, it is committed to the German constitution, which will be faithful and loyal, to accept Germany as a free and democratic country, and do not contra legal entities and interests.

8. Lack of criminal record: 

The applicant must not have a criminal conviction and a heavy court.

If the applicant has performed a crime and a court, the investigation process will be postponed until the court answer is specified.

9to Entrust the previous nationality:

According to German law, individuals cannot have two citizenship and the applicant must entrust their previous citizenship to obtain German citizenship.

Countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Eritrea, Algeria, Cuba and Tunisia can have two citizenship at the same time.

10-Payment of German citizenship application fees:

The application fee for German citizenship per person is 255 euros and for persons under 18 years of accompanying family who have no income source, 51 euros.


In the absence of a person who does not have the funds to pay for a lump fee, it can pay the amount in an installment.

In general, the child under the age of 18 and the spouse of the applicant must meet the terms mentioned above. But with the authority to handle the case, even when the spouse or child of a non-children reside in Germany for less than eight years, it is feasible.



You will always be able to join your spouse and child under the 16-year-old and you can ask for the relevant forms to join your relatives.



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