Obtaining a work-student visa for Germany

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Always taking a visa to find work or studying in a European country is very difficult and without adequate awareness, the process of spending will be a long time. There are many companies and attorneys who are always thinking of their profits and by giving false promises and mistakes the person will have a request to delay and perform a simple process to postpone them for a number of years.

In this regard, the mobile team in collaboration with CCR company has been very successful in this field and has accomplished many projects successfully.

CCR is an institution that will give you free advice in the field of any lawful immigration.

All services and activities of this group are legal and all procedures are coordinated by the German Embassy in Iran.
Types of visas:
1. Student Visa
2. Job Search Visas
3. Work Visa
4-working visas for doctors and nurses

For a free consultation, you should mention that you have been introduced by the mobile app team.

Address and contact number in Iran
TEHRAN-Motahhari Street after Mofatteh company Nadia
Direct phone and WhatsApp

Address and contact number in Germany
Hansaring 10
50670 Cologne
Direct phone and WhatsApp
To receive accepted forms, call the WhatsApp number of messages.

Due to the high volume of applicants, you may have to do a little bit of delay, so please contact or email you after completing the form and sending email.

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