Hamrah-e-App has been established in the year 1397-2018 with the aim of providing the first digital bank of international jobs and also buying and selling goods without intermediaries around the world.

Advantages of using this program:
1. There are few information sites in every country whose information is often not up to date. Or it has been a long time since they were registered and now their address and phone number are not available. To find the desired address, you must use the website, which includes many promotional pages. First you need to close the ad pages and then look for the target. But with this application, all the information will always be in your hands, anywhere and in any country, without disturbing the advertisements.
2. Quickly find the desired address (restaurant, school, translation agency, exchange office, supermarket, etc.). Or the person in question (lawyer, specialist doctor, teacher, etc.) in all parts of the world with complete specifications and scoring in terms of quality and customer feedback.
3. Creating an advertisement for buying and selling goods completely free of charge.
4. Have a completely personal profile to explain how to work with a photo of the workplace and team.
5. The information of the users in the job bank is updated annually so that the content and information are always up to date.
6. Pay the lowest cost and most visits for advertising in the International Bank for Business.
7. Do not disturb site or application advertising for other users.

In the app, users communicate directly with each other, and there are no intermediaries. So be careful that “mobile app” does not interfere with your sales. And users have to consider different aspects of security themselves.

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